Sixth form students who had just enrolled on the Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies were tasked with completing a challenge to correctly construct 5 separate 3 pin plugs using the parts supplied.

AIM – To show learners that lean techniques improve productivity.

The contents of each box were separated into 4 stations.

Station 1 – Plug bases, cable grips and various other parts to confuse the learners.

Station 2 – Fuses (various amps), pins and fuse holders.

Station 3 – Pin screws.

Station 4 – Plug lids, screws and wiring diagram.

They were put into teams of 4 and each student was given an individual task which linked into the group work. All the groups were up against the clock and each other, at first they did not realise that teamwork and preparation was so important in completion of what they thought was a basic task. All students completed the task but after a quality control exercise faults were found and feedback was given explaining faults.

Students then discussed options to streamline / quality control the work prior to them starting again, all 4 groups were now tasked with the completion of 15 separate 3 pin plugs. Each group completed this task (15 plugs) in similar time to the first task (5 plugs). They understood how vital the importance of teamwork, coordination, preparation and motivation is in completing basic task.

The first run of 15 plugs had a best time of 21 mins 15 seconds. A vast improvement on the first run of 5 plugs at 15 mins 30 seconds. The average time for a set of 5 plugs was reduced to 7 mins 5 seconds.

 Students will be constantly challenged to improve on teamwork, coordination, preparation and motivation; they will be able to see why all the above are integral to the running and completion of any given task.

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