Meet Jack McGowan, one of our Year 1 Maintenance Technician Apprentices. Here’s what he said about his apprenticeship with NA College:

“Currently within industry it is common occurrence that experience is held in as high a regard as qualification, usually there are opportunities to obtain qualifications however it often comes at the cost of another, I chose an apprenticeship as the most beneficial method for gaining a strong career as I knew I would be able to benefit from experience whilst getting paid.

“The older generation of my family are very proud knowing that I will be able to fast track my career using an apprenticeship as its cornerstone, they know that it is the most efficient way to progress my career without the financial strain, lack of experience or lack of knowledge that burdens most people.

“During my time at school, most people were supported assuming their goal was to continue on to university - apprenticeships were scarcely talked about. However, given that most graduates now struggle to obtain a job due to their lack of experience it seems the correct time for apprenticeships to be heavily represented in schools.

“Overall, I am currently enjoying my time as an apprentice within NA college as I feel I am supported from all angles during my course, I am not only being educated at a pace that is tailored to myself by my tutors but also being educated to a higher standard than my course would ordinarily produce, I truly feel like I am being set up to a higher level so that my journey ahead can be made easy.

“If you understand the gravity of a promising career then you will know that it requires a mixture of both knowledge and experience to be considered by an employer, an apprenticeship is a golden opportunity to excel in a career that you feel passionate towards.”

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