Meet Daniel Bainbridge, one of our Year 1 Maintenance Technician Apprentices. Here’s what he said about his apprenticeship with NA College:

“The main reason for me doing an apprenticeship over going to college was that it offered me a unique blend of workplace responsibilities, attitudes and environments whilst still being able to learn while I earn a wage.

“My friends and family were very happy as they understand how good of an opportunity an apprenticeship was and how much I could gain from it over the course of 5 years and even after the apprenticeship was completed.

“I think apprenticeships as a whole are under-represented in school are spoken as if it is an alternative to college, even a step below college, instead of being presented as a step into your chosen career path.

“I’m definitely enjoying completing my apprenticeship. From the very beginning, I have been progressing each and every day more than I thought prior to beginning the apprenticeship. There are always opportunities to show my skills and what I have learnt but support is also available when I find something particularly difficult.

“My advice is do it, go for an apprenticeship. Be as committed as you can as the more you put into it, the more you can get out of it.”

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