Hello, I’m Kobe, I am a Manufacturing Staff Apprentice working on line 2 sealing in the Paint shop.

I am taking part in a charity event this Saturday to help raise money for cancer research. A charity close to many people’s hearts.

I am doing this event for my Grandad and my Nana. My Grandad is currently one of the longest serving people in Britain with his type of cancer. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour 8 years ago and has struggled ever since with recurring health issues from this, such as difficulty speaking and loss of sight. In the last 2 years my nana has since been diagnosed with secondary cancer in her bones, they believe, coming from her breast cancer which was diagnosed when I was only 7. I am now 18 years old. She’s had a tough few years getting through all this.

Cancer affects everyone most people will have had a family member go through this. That’s why raising money for Cancer Research is such a good thing - they help improve people’s lives who are living with cancer and are working towards a cure.


Thank you to all who wish to contribute, no matter how little.

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