Job Overview

Report to: Chief Operating Officer

Salary: £36,000 - £40,000 depending upon experience and qualifications

Hours: 36

Status: Permanent


Job Specification

To strategically oversee NAC Group’s growing Data and Funding department to ensure integrity and compliance for timely and efficiently reporting, returns and funding applications across all relevant funding regimes.   To work at a senior strategic level to maximise funding opportunities for all delivery of Apprenticeship, AEB, EFA and ESF programs.

To support with the delivery and monitoring of key operational KPI’s.

Lead and manage an effective and efficient reporting MIS environment to both internal and external stakeholders.

To lead and conform on the provision of externally required reporting to meet the government’s funding agency, Ofsted and audit expectations.


Job Description

  • Manage and lead an MIS team to ensure that monthly data returns are maximised and submitted within strict timely deadlines
  • To work with senior managers and key stakeholders to review and maximise funding opportunities.
  • Implement and update systems to meet funding agencies and other external bodies data and audit requirements
  • To develop policies and procedures covering Data & Funding & MIS team functions
  • Provide detailed reporting and analysis to support the strategic aims of the business
  • Provide advice, guidance and training to managers on performance measures to ensure maximum achievement of delivery targets
  • Provide training to staff and managers on performance and funding data, reporting processes and procedures
  • Structure, schedule and conduct internal audits across all contracts including approved sub contactors
  • Design and produce monthly data reports for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Contribute to the ‘due diligence’ process for new and existing sub-contractors and provide appropriate information to support ‘due diligence’ process for NAC Group for bids with local and national funding providers
  • Provide accurate monthly and quarterly reports on performance data
  • To contribute to the annual reporting of SAR & QIP and provide data and key performance indicators
  • Responsible for implementation, co-ordination and promotion of quality assurance processes, data, funding & MIS which support the achievement of and compliance against specified contractual requirements and company objectives
  • Ensure that documentation meets SFA, awarding body & sub-contractor compliance standards
  • Ensure implementation and use of PDSAT software to run internal audits & ensure data compliance, produce reports, disseminate findings & implement action plans to timescales as required
  • Interpret, design, implement and evaluate end-to-end contractual paperwork, in line with all external guidance and internal MIS software
  • Implement quarterly review forums with ‘users’ to re-evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of designated paperwork and identify potential areas for improvement
  • Ensure internal data is relevant, accurate and timely and produce appropriate MIS reports as required
  • Timely collection and validation of learner data in line with audit requirements and ensure external deadlines met
  • To attend all audit meetings and provide feedback reports and implement action plans to agreed timescales when issues highlighted
  • To ensure learner information reporting conforms to Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act and other relevant legislation
  • To manage the development, maintenance and implementation of existing and new learner information software


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