Where do I go from here?

You need to decide exactly what (and who) you want. Draw up a job description, a contract and terms of employment.

So how do I find an apprentice?

gov.uk provides a matching service that you can use. Employers, however, can work with a training provider, such as N.A.College, who will find suitable candidates for you. Share your criteria and let your training provider do the leg work.

Which apprenticeships does N.A.College offer?

As well as a range of hands-on pre-apprenticeship programmes to support learners in their choice of apprenticeship and into good study habits, N.A.College offers the following apprenticeships:

Business Administration
Front Line Maintenance
Improving Operational Performance
Team Leading
Maintenance Technicians
Fork Lift Truck Operation
Supervisory Development or Management

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How does it work?

Employers will work with a recognised training provider from the register of approved training providers (RoATP), such as N.A.College. Most of the training in an apprenticeship is on-the-job and will therefore take place at your premises. Each apprentice will have a mentor/supervisor to support them and to train in the skills-specific parts of the programme.

Working closely with you, N.A.College will take care of all off-the-job training which can take place on your premises or at a local training centre, away from the working environment. With sufficient numbers, programmes can be organised to meet your shift patterns and other workplace needs. N.A.College can recruit with you, organise all training programmes and schedules, and arrange for assessment once the apprentice is ready. It’s important, therefore, that you find a training partner with the experience that N.A.College has.

Do I have to carry the whole of the cost myself?

From 6 April 2017, the new apprenticeship levy requires all UK employers with a pay bill over £3 million each year to invest in apprenticeships through an apprenticeship levy. Government subsidies are available for these employers according to contributions and employee numbers. Full details can be found here.

There is further support for learners in areas of disadvantage.

Do I have to pay an apprentice?

Yes. The minimum an apprentice can expect to be paid is a little over £400 per month and you may want to pay them more as their skills develop and they contribute more to your business.

It’s likely that you will want to give them other benefits that accrue to employees too, such as paid holiday, sickness pay, pension contributions or savings plans. The government provides this handy link to help you to decide how much you want to pay your apprentice.

How old is an apprentice?

Aged between 18 and 64, as long as someone is not still in full-time employment, they are eligible to train as an apprentice.

Should I take on an apprentice?

If you’re interested in growth and development and want to explore ways of increasing the skills base of your business, then yes, you should. An apprenticeship is a way for you to employ a young or adult learner and to train them for real jobs that become available. Apprenticeships help you to grow your own workforce, identifying and holding onto talent while developing their skills and knowledge.

What should I do next?

Contact us by clicking here and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to meeting you.

Why should I train with N.A.College?

With a young and energetic group of trainers, N.A.College was probably the first training organisation to work so very closely with employers in the creation of qualifications and training that closely meet their needs. We only offer training where we know there will be jobs, so you can be sure of an opportunity at the end of your programme.

Because our employer base is made up of some of the country’s biggest manufacturers e.g. Nissan, Toyota, Unipres, even if you’re not employed by one of them at the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll be able to take your skills to others who will want to employ someone trained by the best to world-class standards.

How do I choose what I want to do?

N.A.College offers a range of apprenticeship programmes. Just look at our website for the number of programmes available, from manufacturing to leadership, and logistics to maintenance. You can always contact N.A.College and ask someone to walk you through the opportunities too.

How do I know that employers will want me when I’m finished?

Because new apprenticeship programmes are devised by employers, so they have faith both in the programmes and in their graduate apprentices. Employers are actively looking for keen young people to join them and to work their way onto structured career paths.

You will be what an employer is looking for if you’ve successfully completed an apprenticeship that they had a hand in creating. Research done by The National Apprenticeship Service found that after finishing, 85% of apprentices found work — two-thirds of them with the employer with whom they trained.

What are the benefits to me?

New apprenticeship programmes have been devised by the best employers in their field so that you get hands-on experience and learn from the best. You will have the skills that employers are looking for and, with the right attitude to work, you can expect to go far.

And because you get paid, you’ll end your programme debt-free. Many apprenticeships also involve national qualifications and this will be explained to you by your training provider as you make enquiries to enrol on a programme. Your programme will be varied, giving you access to working environments and the work experience you need to get a job.

Am I old enough?

If you’re aged between 18 and 64 and are no longer in full-time education, then you’re eligible.

Do I need experience or qualifications?

In some cases, yes. You may need skills in Maths and English, or basic hand skills to be able to take on a role. But if you haven’t, that’s no problem for us. N.A.College has a range of pre-apprenticeship programmes that will help you to develop these ahead of enrolment onto an apprenticeship. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help.

How long does an apprenticeship take?

This depends on the industry, the nature of the work and the level at which you’re learning. Generally, the higher the level, the longer the programme. However, most apprenticeships at level 2 take from 1 year to 18 months.

Do I get paid?

Yes. Not only do you get qualifications and training, apprenticeship training opportunities offer competitive salaries so that you can earn while you learn.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training programme that has been designed by employers to give people the skills that they need and that are valued by UK industries. You will train on-the-job as well as in a classroom, developing new skills and knowledge in your chosen industry. Apprenticeships offer an alternative pathway to college or university and put you on the path to a career that you will find rewarding and fulfilling. At N.A.College, we offer a range of apprenticeships for manufacturing and logistics industries.

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