Today our CPWEMI group begin their training with the Plug Run – a test of trial and error.

The group are expected to work as a team to figure out how many plugs they can produce in a timed manner. They must work as a team to collectively decide how many plugs made, were active and inactive. This should give the groups an indication of the capacity their teamwork can handle, by understanding how many plugs were produced in a certain amount of time and how many of the produced items were adequate. Tutors will be looking at the standard of quality and sufficiency composed by the groups.

This is the first part of training before undergoing:

  • Hand Skills
  • FEP (Fundamental Engineering Practices)
  • Skills Test

CPWEMI will also have their own workshop areas; each individual workshop will specialise in each department of Nissan. Therefore, teaching the group the aspects and skills required in each job role – for example, paint shop and press shop.

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