Compliments and Complaints Policy

Version and Date

V6 02/01/2021

Date for Review



This procedure is to enable the learner to offer criticism or compliments regarding their time learning with NA College without fear of discrimination.


We want our learners to experience a high level of quality training and encourage learner feedback during and at the end of every learning programme.  Feedback forms are provided, however learners may wish to discuss their concerns in person rather than in writing.


The NAC Quality Manager is responsible for the effective operation of this procedure but may require the assistance of the learners, tutor/assessor, course lead or Faculty Head  in order to resolve any concerns/complaints.


We would like to know when learners have been impressed with our service, or have an idea on how we can improve.  We can use these examples to share best practice amongst our staff.  All compliments must be recorded on the compliment spreadsheet and the Quality Manager advised.

Any learners wishing to send a compliment are advised to access the following email address, all compliments will be recorded.



We recognise that every learner has a right to make a complaint or voice a concern, and the feedback may help staff and NAC as an organisation to learn valuable lessons and improve.  NAC will attempt to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Any learners wishing to send a complaint are advised to access the following email address, all complaints will be recorded and the correct policy and procedures will be followed.


All complaints must be logged on the complaints spreadsheet and with the Quality Manager.

Stage 1

In the first instance the learner should have an initial discussion with their tutor/assessor, Course Lead or Senior Manager.  NA College will try and resolve any difficulties quickly, if this can be achieved and all parties are in agreement with the outcome the frontline resolution is possible.  A decision must be made within 5 working days and all details recorded on the complaints spreadsheet.

Stage 2

If the learner is not happy with the initial discussion, they must state in writing the reasons for their dissatisfaction.  This should be sent to the NAC Quality Manager within 10 working days of the initial approach to their tutor/assessor.

The Quality Manager will consider in detail the contents of the complaint.  If an initial investigation by the Quality Manager does not identify any cause for complaint, the Quality Manager will notify the learner within 10 working days, in writing giving details of the outcome of their investigation.

Where there does not appear to be a cause for the learners complaint, the NAC Quality Manager will arrange for the learner to be interviewed by a senior member of the management team (i.e. Project manager) to determine a resolution to the complaint.  Any recommendations should be adopted immediately.

Stage 3

In the instance that stage 2 does not resolve the issue, the Quality Manager may involve the Chief Operating Officer and take advice from a relevant professional in order to resolve the issue.  The Quality Manager should try to resolve this complaint within 28 days of the original complaint.

Written Records of Decisions

All appeal decisions relating to the above complaint must be made/recorded in writing and copied to the Quality Administrator who will retain a record for twelve months from the date of receipt.

Stage 4

If you are still not satisfied (apprenticeships only), you can contact the apprenticeship helpline regarding any apprenticeship concerns, complaints and enquiries.

Helpline 08000150400

Email –